Emergency Dentist Duluth Georgia


Emergency Dentist:  Tooth Pain, Throbbing Pain, Painful Gums.

Suffering tooth pain that is umbarable is clear indication that the body is signaling a problem with your dental health.  Rest assured, our dentists are hear to help relieve your pain and address the underlying dental concern causing the pain.

Treating a Dental Emergency

Dr. George and Dr. Cohen are available to address your dental emergency. If you are suffering from severe dental pain, dental trauma, or another dental concern, affecting your dental health, please call us today for an emergency dental appointment.

Sugarloaf Smiles of Duluth, Georgia provides emergency dental care for common to complex dental emergencies. Tooth pain, cracked tooth, root canal, absess, infection, extractions broken teeth, oral infections, swelling of the jaw or gums, and knocked-out or chipped teeth.

Same-day emergency dental appointments and exams.

If you need emergency dental services in Duluth, Georgia, please call us now at (770) 813-1200. The emergency dentists at Sugarloaf Smiles are here for you!